Apr 102015
What Renters Want with Jessica Fiur: Looking Beyond the Resume: 8 Traits to Look For in a Multifamily Employee

Resumes can reveal a lot about a potential property management candidate—relevant experience, education and ability to write a resume, to name a few things. But they don’t tell anything about the personality of the candidate (unless, of course, they submitted the resume in crayon, which says they have a wonderful, childlike spirit, or are a [...]

Apr 072015
Guest Blog: How to Increase Your Visibility on Apartment Search Sites

By Edward Jiang, Business Development Manager at PadMapper A successful marketing strategy for every multifamily community recognizes how renters in your area look for new places to live, and being available and visible in the right locations. With 27-million monthly unique visitors to the top 6 apartment search websites according to ComScore (and that’s in [...]

Mar 242015
What Renters Want with Jessica Fiur: 6 Ways to Encourage Healthy Living at an Apartment Community

OK, so I know it doesn’t feel like it, especially to those of us on the East Coast who are still walking around in our puffy jackets and fur-lined boots, but it is almost swimsuit season. Already. I know, it’s been months of pasta  and red wine and candy (though pasta has essential carbs and [...]

Mar 102015
What Renters Want with Jessica Fiur: 5 Ways to Give Your Community an Apple Watch Makeover

Yesterday Apple had a huge announcement where they gave more details about their soon-to-be-released Apple Watch. And now we all know what we’re going to do with that extra 10 grand we have laying around in our apartments, right? Well, time will tell whether the Apple Watch will go the way of Google Glass, and [...]

Mar 062015
Guest Post: Creating Active Adult Communities that Withstand the Test of Time

By David Smith, Florida Division President, AV Homes Baby boomers are known for their commitment to progress, and their pursuit of revolutionary new ideas. It is only fitting, then, that the generation that redefined activism decades ago is changing what it means to be an active adult today. As developers, managers, board members and property [...]

Feb 192015
Guest Blog: Active Adult Living: Marketing Amenities for Broad Appeal

By Michael Mendillo, President, FirstService Residential Mid-Atlantic For today’s active adult residents, a marketable and appealing community amenity is not what it used to be. In fact, it’s not one specific thing at all, unlike in the past when a top-notch golf course drove the formula for success. Now amenities are a different story altogether–a [...]

Feb 182015
What Renters Want with Jessica Fiur: 5 Ways You're Infuriating Your Renters

Have you ever been minding your business on the subway, when, at the next stop, someone innocently sits across from you, and then, for some infuriating reason, starts clipping his nails? And even though you turn up your music and try to look anywhere but at that person, you hear the click of the clippers, [...]

Feb 132015
What Renters Want with Jessica Fiur: 50 Shades of Property Management

It’s Valentine’s Day on Saturday, which is a great time to show your residents you appreciate them. Are you searching for some ideas for something special to do at your community? Well, as you know, a little movie called Fifty Shades of Grey is coming out this weekend. And even though it’s a movie based on a book [...]

Feb 112015
What Renters Want with Jessica Fiur: Could Apartments Turn Down Anti-Vax Renters?

So, I’m going to see the band Bush in a few weeks. They were popular in the ’90s (and was my first concert, like, ever), and they’re totally back! I’m so excited! Do you know what’s also back? Flannel shirts. Oh, and measles. As I’m sure you’ve heard, even though it was considered eradicated in [...]

Feb 102015
What Renters Want with Jessica Fiur: The Problem With Some Amenities

Theoretically, you could have a community that is 100-percent leased even though it doesn’t offer any amenities. After all, amenities are just the icing—the “cake” of an apartment is a safe place where people can live. That’s all. And plenty of apartment buildings are just that—apartments with no frills. But, as we all know, the [...]